This page contains a few examples(included in download) of what can be done using this template. We keep it simple, without bloatware. Treat it like a ready to use UI, that can be used to create lightweight and beautiful themes for your favorite CMS.

The CSS is compiled using LESS. Means that you don't have to search through thousands lines of code. All you have to do is to change a few LESS variables and get the template in your style.

The documentation includes details about how to compile the CSS even if you never wrote a single line of CSS. It's just that easy! :)

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The following examples demonstrates different article styles. You should know that these are not the only variations possible. Most of them can be combined to create totally different article layouts.

Large layout

The following examples demonstrates the layout width.
In first example the sidebar is fixed to 400px, in second the sidebar is 1/3 from 100%( that's 33% ), tjhird is the same as first but using different colors. This can be changed to any value, by editing just one variable. For example: @wrapper-left-width: 42%;


These two examples demonstrates how different article styles can be combined to create intro pages. Second example also shows how you can use any colors you want. We changed just five color variables.